50 Things Dad to do with your son  

Things for Fathers and Sons


Build your home  with good memories not boredom, or miserable times.

Maybe your dad didn’t spent time with you .  Don’t you be found guilty of repeating the same thing. Think of the things you wish you could have done with your Dad.  Remembering the fun times of your past, well make your son or step son memories even better !

Make your home a place of rest and PEACE a place of refuge and safety!  It can be stressful world, sometimes cruel and insensitive, but your home should be a place of wonderful memories peace and safety.

Don’t make the excuse of not having enough money!

Here are some ideas that don’t take a lot of money or none it just takes YOUR TIME.

When they GROW UP and look back what do YOU want them to remember and say about you ?

REMEMBER to Listen and respond when they are talking and tell them how much you LOVE THEM.

Here’s some suggestions ,that will bring lasting memories.   Add to them and just be CREATIVE but most of all JUST HAVE FUN:

1. Give him a hug its ok to hug your son !

2. Pray together he will never forget those moments

3. Play a video game with him , teach him to  play fair

4. Go Camping , fishing or hunting

5. Go to a free local game

6. Go on a bike trail with him

7. Grocery shop and Cook a meal together

8. Work around the house – show him light tasks , repairs etc.

9. Automotive repairs,he will have a car one day !

10. Radio controlled cars,have fun together

11.Plan a Boys and Father cookout,invite other dads with their sons

12. Play sports together

13. Start a collection of some kind

14. Play golfor learn how to play together

15. Visit a small airplane company

16. Volunteer together somewhere

17. Go horseback riding or visit a local stable and volunteer

18. Change a tire

19. Teach him how to grill

20. Help the elderly together

21. Play a joke on Mom

22. Plan a event with his friends

23. Go to a firing range

24. Go to Car show

25. Go to a race track

26. Teach him etiquette

27. Read a book to your son let him imagine

28. Landscaping and gardening

29. Fire ,Police station tour

30. Go to the zoo Or museum

31. Water gun / balloon fight

Go for a walk it doesn’t matter how old they are!

32. Take a class together

33. Learn a new hobby together

34. Play a board game

35. Tell jokes

36. Go to a concert

37. Paint a room together

38. Have a blessing ceremony be creative

39. Write a note or a greeting card from your heart40. Build a life size snowman

41. Go to a Car show

42. Visit a Tractor dealer let him see

43. Do holiday outside decorations

44. Assemble his first toolkit

45. Sing karaoke together

46. Bake a cake

47. Take interesting pictures

48. Start a coin collection

49. Study dinasours



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