TAPS      Teens Against Premarital Sex – Mission – Pregnancy prevention, socially transmitted diseases, and dealing with issues of Homosexuality.

  •  Services/Activities – Educational awareness, concerts, Youth march debutante, fundraisers, TV. specials trips, ballroom dance training.
  •  Population served – Pre-teens and teens, young adults

DIRECT PRAISE -Mission – Spiritually motivating elderly, adults, teens and children in worship and praise dancing, and challenging them to a more committed walk with Christ. Outreach dance teams targeted to minister to specific spiritual needs and issues.

  •  Services/Activities -Will consist of seven outreach dance teams which will tour, to various churches and ministries, interstate and cross country, foreign countries as well. With literature, music, drama and dance.
  •  Population Served – Adult’s, teens, and children

EAGLE WATCH – Mission- Motivating Senior citizens in their God given talents/gifti         Creating mentoring opportunities to teens and single parents.

  •  Services/Activities – Mentoring, trips, arts and crafts, bible study/teaching , Housekeeping forum, Dinners, fundraisers, dance groups, phone ministry.
  •  Population served – Age group 50+

CHILDREN OF FAITH – Mission – A unique childcare program offering childcare services that will prepare the child for spiritual as well as academic success.

  • Services /Activities – performing arts, mentoring, educational trips,films, computer training, writing , home economics.
  • Population served – Children  – ages 4-12

TALE Mission – Teens helping law enforcement to deter crime and drugs in their communities. Learning values and aiding officers in watch for crime and helping with solutions needed in their communities.

  •  Services/Activities – Teen training in neighborhood watch, loitering issues, law enforcement teen rallies, drug awareness community news reporting.
  • Learning values and aiding officers in watch for crime and helping with solutions needed in their communities
  • Population served – Teens ages 13-19

FISHER’S NET – Mission – Networking of prayer stations throughout cities.Raising up and teaching the power of intercession for individual communities, and at schools.

  • Services /Activities -Designated prayer stations, prayer watch teams, and Praise -a- thons at schools among teens and adolescents

BEAUTIFY ME – Mission-  Beautifying living dwellings of singles ,families , and elderly homes and immediate surroundings


• Services /Activities -Teaching them elements of design and how to recycle items for other uses helps them to save and feel creative motivating them in other skills and talents perhaps that was hopelessly discarded.

  • BEAUTIFY ME will help bring beauty inside the little apartments ,front doorsteps ,backyards and porches .  Going from house to house in communities. Donated items matched with those in need.changing a community. What one house doesn’t need another house can use if known about. Gardening and even community gardens started.
Children motivated to help their neighborhood improve. Elderly helped to declutter and give items to others as well as having their paces revived .
Volunteers children,teens,adults,elderly all learning design and decorating tips in  helping others and just bringing joy to a family. Your Funds will help for Shirts , tools, paints ,nails,fabrics, lifts, occasional rented pickup trucks when needed, lunches to volunteers, before and after pics of group creativity. Each neighbor invited to help another neighbor in the community

Hopefully motivating even property owners to increase the value of their             properties   with a little motivation.

COPS – Mission – Mentoring Program reaching out to children of incarcerated individuals, to address their particular needs.

• Services/Activities – Picnics, trips, big brother/sister teams, fundraisers, arts/crafts, school festival, interaction with parents incarcerated

• Population served- Children of offenders ages 5-18

LENDING HANDS -Mission – Adults and teens helping with general housekeeping services. Light repairs, helping overall enjoyment of living spaces and environment. Assisting single working parents with children.

• Services /Activities – Creating and assisting with meal planning and preparation ideas.

• Cooking competitions, landscaping competitions, design competitions, coupon networking.

• Light repairs, helping overall enjoyment of living spaces and environment.

• Population served – Disabled adults, Single parents, Elderly